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In World in Flames every nation shares their relations towards all of the others in form of values. The values are set at the beginning of the game to match the historical situation at 1939.

However, from this point players are totally free to manage and modify history as it continues. Two nations being allied will automatically raise their relations towards eachother, as two at war will decrease. If allied to an nation which your relations is negative you will receive less currency income, which prompts players to play more historically accurate even if the opposite still remains available. The most negative relation is limited to -50 and the positive to 50.

Public relations seen ingame as the
Soviet Union. The first value displays
your relations to the target and the value
in brackets their relations to you.

Your relation to a nation increases by:
+ Being allied to the nation.
+ Whenever the nation declares war on any of your enemies.

Your relation to a nation decreases by:
- Being at war with the nation.
- When the nation declares war on you.
- Whenever the nation declares war upon any of your allies.
- Whenever the nation captures neutral cities.