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Re: A new Project

PostPosted: 16 Jan 2015, 14:52
by ziad
Come on fing i need to play the map :cry: :cry:

Re: A new Project

PostPosted: 16 Jan 2015, 23:36
by Fingolfin
All right, here goes nothing: ... ?id=a1amoh

Note that much of the fun features are still not properly implented, such as briefcase bombs, biological warfare, napalm bombs, or missiles. Some units, such as destroyers and trident submarines, will have a secondary attack that deals 0 damage - this is not a bug, it is just the way it is until i have added the custom missile system. Also note that all models are placeholders. Some fields, such as "research points" and "leader popularity", have no purpouse and will propably be removed, they were just added to fill out the board to test how it would look. CPU players will automatically accept any request you give them, so a good way to cheat is to make export contracts with them, or even better, tech lease contracts, since you will not lose anything from it. This is for testing purpouses only, and there will be some basic AI later which decides wether to approve or decline offers. Enjoy.

Re: A new Project

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2015, 12:33
by MarcusMaxentius
Fingolfin when will you release 1.4c world in flames version,i'm waiting so long god dammit and can't you be more active on skype i really want to play

Re: A new Project

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2015, 13:17
by ziad
gg Just played it its amazing i'll rate it
If i rate as a beta/alpha map:
-Terrain 9/10
-Gameplay 10/10( i really really liked unrest,education,poverty its veryyy good)
-Models-thech tree and unit 4/10 ( sadly its the only part i didn't like theres few unit all the same for countries however you know the map made by HanHan nuclear sunrise?????? you can take many model from there then it will be a perfect map.

Re: A new Project

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2015, 15:32
by Fingolfin
Glad you liked it! There is really no point in judging the units and models since the tech tree is not complete, and the models will all be replaced. In the future there will be some unique units for other nations, but most of all there will be more unit types.

The idea i had was that instead of mainly focusing on making one simple tech tree with model variants for all nations, i was going to make a lot of special units which you can only get from extensive research, but to compensate, have less nation-specific models.

Some examples of these unique units are:

  • Early Warning Plane, and airplane with long line of sight, capable of detecting stealth units, and if upgraded, use anti-ballistic laser to shoot down missiles. Based on the Hawkeye: ... t_Fuji.jpg
  • MLRS Multiple Rocket Launcher, as you noticed this is already in the game, a very long range missile artillery with slow firing speed. Later on, i am considering making the missiles interceptable, i.e. that you can shoot them down with laser.
  • Armored APC:s, such as the Stryker or the BTR-90. These will combine the role of transport, land scout, and anti-infantry craft.
  • Railgun Destroyers, simply based on the Zumwalt-class destroyer, which is planned to be equipped with experimental railguns by around 2020. These will have missiles just like normal destroyers, but instead use them against ships, and use the long-range railgun for shore bombardment.
  • Stealth Bombers, based on the Nighthawk. This plane is actually decommissioned, but it looks so cool it has to be in. They will be more flimsy than regular jets, travel more slowly and do less damage, but instead they are stealthed and great for scouting.
  • Military hovercraft. These will be mainly amphibious transports, but also sport some light cannons and a basic anti-air attack, making them a small fortress capable of lurching onto land. The inspiration behind this is the russian/ukrainian Zubr-class Hovercraft: ... 920-15.jpg

Re: A new Project

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2015, 19:40
by Fingolfin
Alright, so i am uploading a new version of World Domination for you to try. Updates include:

  • New upgrades, including tiered armor/damage upgrades.
  • New units, including stealth bombers, combat hovercrafts, and recon planes.
  • Nuclear power plants now explode on death, unless "safe reactors" is researched.
  • Missile Bases can now build and launch missiles, including nukes (!!!)
  • Destroyers, Trident Subs, and MLRS artilleries now use a custom missile system.
  • Nuclear explosions which are mind-breakingly awesome.
  • Anti-ballstic lasers correctly shoot down missiles launched from the above units
  • It is now possible to post petitons within councils to cede a city from one player to another.
  • Added camera commands, such as -far, -near and -cam x (where x is a distance value)
  • Changed the quest menu to contain short explanations on the different features, and also a list of commands.
  • Added radiation, and a tech called "radiation shielding" which divides radiation damage by it's current level (max 3).
  • Fixed lots of bugs.

Known bugs are:

  • Sometimes, ships fire multiple missiles at once for no reason
  • Missiles are selectable. This will be fixed soon.
  • Sometimes, the training queue for missile bases is not canceled despite the silo being full.
  • The hovercraft is only half-implemented and has not been tested. It can be trained, but i doubt the unit works as intended. It also doesn't have a proper model yet.

Another planned feature is "Dirty Bombs", which are basically bombs which will cause lingering radiation after they have exploded. I am not sure yet in what way they will be used, but it is possible that they'd be planted by some kind of unit, maybe a member of the special ops squad.

Link to the new version below: ... ?id=a1amoh

Re: A new Project

PostPosted: 23 Jan 2015, 20:36
by ziad
Unit can't attack capitol it said can't target a misle.

Re: A new Project

PostPosted: 24 Jan 2015, 00:52
by Fingolfin
Thank you Ziad, this has been fixed.

In the next version you will have:

  • Combat Virus and Zombie Virus
  • Engine sounds for jets and helicopters
  • Tracer Darts
  • Defeat conditions
  • Missile sounds
  • New model for the stealth bomber
  • New model for the ballistic missiles
  • Power trade implemented
  • POSSIBLY a very basic AI

Re: A new Project

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2015, 23:49
by Fingolfin
Alright, it is time for a new awesome version of World Domination! This time it is PACKED with new features, including the first custom non-placeholder models. There is also a new AI which will correctly train units, send and evaluate requests, regulate taxes and budgets, and even fire nukes! New features include:

  • Napalm bombs
  • Tons of kickass custom dialog and sounds
  • Sea oil patches can now be captured and converted into oil rigs
  • New custom models for the Fighter Jet, Predator Drone, Stealth bomber, and their missiles
  • Working recon planes
  • A custom AI which will kick your ass
  • Excessive use of nukes will now trigger a nuclear winter
  • Rebellion is now implemented
  • Random local weather generation
  • Awesome roaring engine sounds for ballistic missiles
  • Tiered research is now properly implemented
  • Working spy equipment including suitcase bombs, tracer darts, and portable radars (not final)
  • New upgrades including Genetic Enhancement and Nuclear Turbines

A link to the new version can be found below:

Re: A new Project

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2015, 22:02
by ziad
I'm indeed watching you everywhere diplominium with mizmoon name and hive, here and modb, :p
yea i know every movement you make i'm just so happy youre maps are so amazing.
Btw the AI is weak maybe he can spam in early game but if you survive enough to mid game the AI will be weak he will not use spec ops nor main battle tank he will just spam unit and if he is on another island he will not get to yours i think you know this and he will group all his unit in the same place you will be able to nuke him easly. So technicly the AI is only dangerous in early game.
Btw the air system is really beautifull.
Edit: Wait we can host it online?