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Version 1.2a Notes

This is what we're doing.

Version 1.2a Notes

Postby Vuormalainen » 23 Oct 2011, 02:04

Post edited and version released 18th February 2012.

New Feature - Game Modes
Added a game settings feature in the beginning of the game which allows players to vote for which kind of game they want to play. First you'll get to vote for a alliance and diplomacy mode and later a technological time which to start the game at(1939, 1943 or 1945). The options with most votes will be taken into effect unless votes are equal, if so, the first named option of the equal ones will be chosen(priority: default mode, second mode, third mode.

  • Axis & Allies (default) - two teams consisting of the axis and allies, locked diplomacy.
  • Historical - historical starting alliances, unlocked diplomacy.
  • Free For All - everyone starts neutral towards eachother, unlocked diplomacy.


  • Added slightly more defense to neutral Poland and Switzerland.
  • Removed one of United Kingdom's factories and two of their bunkers in North Africa.
  • Gave Italy two bunkers in North Africa.
  • Moved some defense from inner Soviet north to prevent a finnish attack sooner.
  • Made some borders between nations more noticeable.
  • Made proper icons for Mass Command, Foreign Business and Camera Options to fit the rest of the UI.
  • Renamed Nazi Germany to it's official name German Reich.
  • Fog is now constant on all zoom levels - you should be able to see properly also at largest zoom distance.
  • Minor UI tooltip changes.
  • Added a message for every year that passes and if new upgrades or units might be available or not.
  • Changed the damage type of battleships anti-ground attack from normal to siege, as it was intended from the beginning.
Bug fixes:
  • Multiple actions taken to prevent the "freezing airplane bug", which in turn has been known for bugging up global airplane cap on occurring. Hopefully this will be fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused airplanes to act wierd when you tried to order them to land at a full airport.
  • China can no longer build both Sdkfz and ZIS-7 vehicles but ZIS-7 only.
  • Changed a faulty hotkey for carriers that caused the launching of dive bombers order to collide with the stop order
  • Finland can no longer build Tiger Tanks.
  • Fixed several spots in rivers than previously were passable by foot. (Sweden, Stalingrad area, Spain, North India, East China)
  • Fixed pathing on mountains in Spain.
  • Corrected several tooltips and hotkeys.

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