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Version 1.2b Notes

This is what we're doing.

Version 1.2b Notes

Postby Fingolfin » 15 Mar 2012, 00:09

  • Added mortar teams for USA and GB, that replaces the flamethrower. Read more about it here:
  • Transport trucks now have gunners who can fire. This is has proven to be great for making the transport take aggro to protect infantry.

  • Increased hit points of all infantry by 10 and gold cost by 5, to reduce infantry spam, and help them survive better against bombs.
  • Increased cost and build time of V2 rockets once again.

  • Gave Finland its own unique ship unit, Väinämöinen-Class Cruiser, replacing the Deutschland-Class Cruiser.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a crucial bug that caused players to loose airplane cap from capturing airfields and vice versa.
  • Fixed V2 Rocket launch hotkey.
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