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Version 1.1 Notes

This is what we're doing.

Version 1.1 Notes

Postby Vuormalainen » 17 Oct 2011, 00:00

  • Taiwan now has one small and one medium city, rather than two large(!).
  • Greately increased vision granted by watchtowers.
  • Newfoundland is now neutral rather than US controlled.
  • Many paficic islands that are very close to eachother have now been connected through shallow water to decrease the need of transporting units tiny distances. Examples of theese are all the phillipine islands (except Luzon), Java and Sumatra, the hawaiian islands, and two of the solomon islands.
  • Fixed balance issues with different tank unit roles (most considerably the light tank). Light tanks are now less effective against other tanks while medium tanks have gotten a little more bang for their buck. The attack speed of tank destroyers has also been slightly increased.
  • Dublin has been changed from large to medium city.
  • Some finnish cities such as Vyborg have had their size increased from small to medium.
  • Added Jakarta as a neutral city on the island of Java.
  • Added a new passage between Iran and western India.

  • Minor changes in forces displayed in the game lobby.
  • Japan and China now starts as allied with the rest of the Axis/Allied team.
  • Made the multiboard smaller in width.
  • Extended the name of all nations to their full at that time. Example: Italy > Kingdom of Italy
  • Added the name of the played nation after the players name. Example: Bob (United Kingdom)

Bug fixes:
  • Changed team of some units belonging to wrong ones.
  • The Fatality system now properly registers starting units.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Tribute City ability to completely remove the city being tributed.
  • Capital cities now correctly give income.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all units entering the middle western US entrance to spawn in the middle of the paficic ocean, rather than in eastern US.
  • Heavy- and Dive bombers can no longer capture cities or structures, only damage them down to 20%.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed airplanes to land at enemy airports if ordered to do so.
  • Fixed some faulty tool tips and hotkeys.

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Re: Version 1.1 Notes

Postby DrQuadruple » 17 Oct 2011, 01:49

I'm glad to see that there seems to be lots of improvement in this update. Good job. 8-)
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