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Version 1.3c notes

This is what we're doing.

Version 1.3c notes

Postby Fingolfin » 12 Mar 2014, 02:25

Alright people, we are aproaching the release of yet another awesome WiF version. This time, focus is more on balance and polish than it is on new features, but i am sure you will enjoy it just as much.


  • Added proper names for all important cities, 85 in total. A game bug previously prevented those from being shown.
  • Added a new, centralzied research system. It now works so that research facilities grant research points (food) every turn, which you spend on your research panel (F4). This means you will need to make a real decision as to wether you want to spend your factories on production or research.
  • Added a new type of focused research, called "doctrines". You can choose to upgrade into infantry, tank, air or naval doctrine, which will improve units of this type gradually by each tier of research. You may only choose one doctrine, and each doctrine can be further upgraded into "advanced" and "perfected" tiers.
  • Added a "Calliope Launcher" research for all players using the Sherman tank, enabling them to individually upgrade into Sherman Calliopes, with the ability to fire missile barrages. These have long range, and works primarily to stun opponents for a short moment, but also do decent area damage. Very effective at holding up forces trying to cross a bridge, while you pound them with artillery.
  • Added several new researches, including "Reinforced Concrete", which increases the armor of bunkers.


  • Increased fuel time for all fighters by 10 seconds.
  • Fighters now have heavy armor and Strategic Bombers light, instead of vice versa. This should make Fighters more resiliant towards AA, and Bombers less.
  • Changed armor type of Paratrooper Planes from Heavy to Light Armored.
  • Increased submarine health from 625 to 725 and starting oxygen capacity from 100 to 120 seconds.
  • Changed armor type of submarines from Unarmored to Light Armored
  • Reduced siege damage dealt to infantry from 85% to 65%.
  • Added an extra oil refinery for USA.
  • Submarines have had their health buffed, destroyers have had their attack speed decreased.
  • Smoke grenades now requires research before they can be used.
  • Fixed numerous hotkeys.

Bug Fixes:

  • Japanese engineers can no longer attack ships.
  • Some hotkey fixes.
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Re: Version 1.3c notes

Postby ziad » 14 Mar 2014, 15:55

-What about special events for some country like usa if she loose pearl harbour unit will spawn in wahington- For soviet if german atack kursk unit in moscow will spawn - Finland if she loose her primary defence they will have the choice to go allies-China if her capital is taked they will have the choice to go axis-If italy loose africa unit will spawn in sevilla- If germany capture france and poland berlin will be invurnable-If britain loose his colonie in africa unit will spawn in London.
Some of them are a little op and the idea can be bad. :arrow:


-Bridge crossing bug.
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Re: Version 1.3c notes

Postby SNIper of DARKness02 » 17 May 2014, 16:38

-Engineers can shoot ships ( or at least the Japanese ones can )

Also, realistic speaking, I think that making the Bombers weaker to flak isn't a very good thing from realistic reasons. But if you gonna do that, at least buff the Dive bombers, 1 flak can rape 'em all, and many players don't use them saying that they are "useless" which is actually true. (I shall create a post to discuss about the planes in WIF for more detailed talk)
I don't think the buff on the submarine is enough though some slight damage upgrade should be made, and maybe for destroyer to have a smaller range when shooting submarines underwater.
I don't particularly on the nerf on bombers, It seems to be making the bombers really useless (maybe making the bomber have medium) Anyway I can't really complain if it's gonna be better or worse before we test it.
Either way great job and keep on the great work.
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Re: Version 1.3c notes

Postby Fingolfin » 30 May 2014, 13:53

@SNIper of DARKness02: Okay, about the planned airplane changes - i made it so that fighters and dive bombers have medium armor, while heavy bombers still have heavy armor. In most games i played, i have never seen any issues with heavy bombers being too strong, and you can prevent any serious damage by simply not clustering your troops. It is great to have feedback on this so that we can make it right from the start.

About dive bombers, i do think that they are supposed to be raped by flak. If you ever come across a situation where your enemy doesn't have flak protection, the damage you can do is absolutely devastating. Thus, dive bombers are opportunists which you should use wherever the enemy doesnt have flak protection. Also, i think that choosing the new air doctrine will solve this, as it will give them +3 armor at the final tier of research. Similarily, i think the naval doctrine can help solve the issues of submarines, but other than that i suggest you use them mixed with cruisers, and let the cruisers take the aggro while the subs deal dps (their damage is clearly their strong point).

Finally, i fixed the issue with japanese engineers being able to hit ships, thank you very much for pointing this out!
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