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Posted by: Fingolfin | 15 Feb 2015, 00:21

Wait, what? I thought the upcoming version was 1.4c? Well, despite some pre-release testing, a critical bug appeared in the 1.4c version right after it was uploaded to MMH, which forced us to skip immediately to the next version. The important thing is, it is finally out!

New features in this version include season effects and a new tribute system, based on investing your tribute into a ship which you need to send to your allies port, rather than the instant tribute of the default warcraft system. This is to prevent situations where the US end up feeding resources to the USSR or UK while sitting safely back across the atlantic. It also encourages the use of naval blockades to prevent the transfering of resources, much like the situation during the lend-lease contracts and the shipping of equipment to aid britain during the blitz.

Finally, the airplane system has been reverted back to what it used to be, since the "improvements" made last version proved to be crucially flawed. People who were avoiding the last version can now benefit from the improved balance and performance which was promised. You will find the new version in the downloads section, aswell as on and

To those interested in grand-scale diplomatic maps, i also want to promote a new project which i (Fingolfin) have been working on the past months - a modern warfare sandbox map known as World Domination. It has a flux economy system inspired by Supreme Commander, and walks in the steps of maps such as The Alternate Future and Nuclear Sunrise. Another unique feature is that it has a fully custom AI system which can support a full house of bots! For more information, check out the thread below:

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